Darya Salon & Spa


Reliable connectivity can be a challenge on an island 30 miles out to sea. The need for reliable Wi-Fi, Phones, Internet, and music was a must.


By running a new wiring infrastructure and installing the right sized network equipment we were able to solve the Wi-Fi and Internet problems. Replacing the phone system with an affordable business class phone system we were able to ensure all calls were received and answered.

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Working with Darya was wonderful. She knew exactly what she needed and how she wanted to accomplish it. By asking the right questions we were able to design the right systems.


Knowing the components needed to work together made the design process easier for integrating Security Cameras, Wi-Fi, Music and phones

Install & Deployment

We planned this project to deploy in phases. By doing things in the correct order we were able to get all systems up and running while testing and verifying each system.



From internet to Wi-Fi, to no dropped calls here are some of the results we were able to achieve.



Network Uptime

No Dropped Calls

Every Call addressed

24/7 Security

Always recording cameras with live monitoring