White Elephant Palm Beach


With a new full renovation comes new technology and new systems to provide the high-standard White Elephant Guests are accustomed to. From internet, to Wi-Fi, to On-Demand in-room entertainment. You name it, it was needed.


We designed the White Elephant Palm Beach from the ground up. Using the latest technology, along with the most redundant systems to ensure an always up network and systems.

 Screen 1   Screen 2


Getting to know the latest and greatest technologies in hospitality was a wonderful journey. To be able to determine what would best suite the guest and how to implement was the mission.


This design was complex, yet with the proper documentation and planning, it gave us a clear deployment path for both the Front of House and Back of House Systems.

Install & Deployment

Over months of configurations, logistics and physical installs, we were able to deploy multiple fully functioning systems for open.



The results here were of the upmost importance. We are very happy with the results.



Systems uptime

Full In-Room Automation

On-Demand TV, Automated Lights, Cordless Phones

3X Speed

Highest Speed Guest Wi-Fi available