Vis a Vis


As the store was contemplating redesigning their check-out counter they were faced with a challenge of re-working their, Network, Point of Sale and Retail music.


We were able to work closely with the staff, listen to their needs and deliver a new checkout counter with new wiring, point of sale and correctly routed music.



With a clearly defined vision by Vis-A-Vis, we were able to find out exactly how they wanted the operation to run. We then were able to design a layout that worked best for them.


The design had one thing in mind, functionality. We were able to design cable management, Point of Sale setups and phones in a way that made it easy to efficiently check out their customers.

Install & Deployment

By setting up one Checkout counter at a time, we were able to do the whole install in two visits. Without any interruption while they were open.



Seeing the staff so happy with their new setup was the biggest result we could have asked for. Here are some others.



Point of Sale Uptime

Reliable Retail Music

The new setup for music has ensured music to always play

More Efficient Checkout

By getting the tech stuff out of their way, they are able to service customers faster.